Frequently Asked Questions & Other Info



  • What program can I use these templates in? These are .PSD files and were created to be used in Photoshop. I've heard that it's possible to use them in other programs (like paint shop pro, etc) but because I've never used those programs, I cannot offer any support.
  • Are fonts included? Unfortunately, no. Due to the font creators copyrights, we cannot distribute them but we try to provide you with a link to download. My favorite font resource is Font Squirrel. Amazing commercial use fonts for free!
  • Am I able to customize the designs? Yes! Our files are 100% customization and fully layered. You'll need some basic Photoshop skills but I do include instructions to help you. And I'm always available if you need any additional help.
  • Where can I print these? Most of our designs are created for but can be easily customized to fit any printer. You'll need a good base knowledge of how to manipulate a template.
  • When will I receive my order? Our orders are now available immediately after checkout is complete! They will be emailed to you. If there are any issues, please don't hesitate to contact me.
  • Do you ship your physical products outside of the US? Yes! Please contact me for a price quote.
  • How long are the links active? Our links are active for 30 days. If you need more time, we can set that up for you. If you have a large order, there may be a small fee. There's a cost to us when we reactivate the links.
  • Why are some of the files blank? I added an extra white layer on top of the bigger templates. It makes the file size smaller and quicker to download :) Once you open in Photoshop, you can delete or hide that layer and you'll find the design underneath.
  • I don't have time to download everything. Is there another option? Yes! We have a USB drive option for those who purchase bulk products. Contact us and we'll chat details.
  • I lost my files! Can I get them again? YES! But because there is a cost to us, there may be a small fee. It really depends on the size of the order.
  • I'm not a photographer. Can I still use these designs? Yes, but only for personal use. You may not sell any of my designs in part or in whole. Commercial use is reserved for photographers only.
  • Can I use your templates/elements to create my own designs? No, you cannot use our designs to create your own. You may not pull any elements from my designs to create your own.
  • I want to sell these templates on a photo card site using my customer's photos. Is that ok? No, the only commercial use allowed is reserved for a photographer who has taken their client's image.